Powerful Internet Protection
Made Simple

ChurchDNS protects networks through DNS filtering of inappropriate websites, malware services, phishing sites, and eliminating most web based advertisements.

EZ Setup

Fast network wide setup in minutes

Unlimited Queries

Low fixed costs

Multi-Campus Support

Manage policies by location

Total Web Protection

Billions of Known URLs

Just a few of our customers from 8 countries around the world...

Start your 14 day trial

Sign up for a risk free full featured trial account with a single campus. There is no credit card required.

Filter Adult Sites

Manage 67 content categories

Force Safe Search

Network wide Google and Bing restricted search filters image and video search results

YouTube Safe Mode

Supports YouTube Strict and Moderate modes with G Suite support

Application Blocker

Block streaming media, P2P, social networks, web proxy, games, and more

Badware Blocker

Blocks malware, ransomeware, and phishing sites

Ad Blocker

Stop hidden malware and objectionable content inside embedded ads

Cloud Hosted Platform

Easy to deploy with automatic updates to latest threats

Powerful Reporting

Full log reporting and system dashboard

Custom Whitelist/Blacklist

Create and mange multiple whitelist/blacklists

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