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We are pleased to announce coming soon the first and only ZERO touch fully cloud managed on premise DNS Network Proxy. This simple to deploy DNS on network proxy agent allows network administrators to deploy and manage single or multi-site DNS network protection for industry leading content filtering, malware blocking at the DNS level, and advanced DNS threat protection against covert channel and rebinding DNS attacks. This extremely light weight powerful DNS proxy can server thousands of client devices on your network with minimal hardware requirements. For increased redundancy two network agents can be installed on premise.

Single click cloud network adoption  

With a 30 second installation on system or server, the agent “phones home” to the ChurchDNS secure network. Within our cloud interface admins can adopt the agent into their policy network with a single click. From this point, 100% of the on-premise agent’s configuration takes place within the ChurchDNS cloud based interface.

Internal IP

Using EDNS, the Network Agent is able to insert client IP address information into each DNS query to be logged and reported from the ChurchDNS console. This improves tracking, reporting, and enables full compliance with CIPA and other regulations.

MAC Address Logging

In addition to the internal IP, we are able to grab the MAC address of all devices with each query for further improvement on device tracking. This is particularly useful in identifying the source of malware and other dangerous network activities.

Subnet Policies

For customers that need multi-level filtering polices, you can now assign different policy rules based on internal subnets recognizing segmentation by network.

DNS Encryption

Network Agent uses DNS encryption to secure all queries between customer networks and our ChurchDNS private DNS network. No device identifying information leaves our network upstream and customer data is protected at all times.

Active Directory and Internal Host Support

The Network Agent allows management and recognition of internal domain resources as configured from the cloud interface.

We are excited that the ChurchDNS Network Agent is currently in beta which we are expanding to current customers for full release in May. If you are interested in trying, sign up for our standard 14 day trial and let us know you are interested in beta testing the Network Agent.

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