Feature Details

ChurchDNS brings industry leading filter features to organizations of all types. As a cloud based service, ChurchDNS is always adding new capabilities with an active road map to ensure ongoing value to our clients. Bundled with a modern UI, ChurchDNS is easy to deploy, manage, and maintain.

Manage By Campus

Manage your content and security controls from a single screen whether you have one campus or a thousand.  Each campus can have up to four different network and policy settings allowing a high level of control within the same campus.

  • Manage Multiple Campus Locations

  • Create Different Policies by Network

  • Ministry Friendly Whitelist

  • As Low as $10/month

Domain Content Filter

ChurchDNS uses one of the largest URL and domain databases on the market.

  • Over 12 Billion Categorized URLs

  • Millions of  New URLs Categorized Daily

  • 67 Domain Categories

  • Unlimited Custom Policies

Badware Blocker

DNS filtering provides a powerful layer of security to prevent ransomware, phishing scams, and specific DNS protocol based attacks.

  • DNS Layer Botnet Protection

  • Stops known Ransomeware, Malware, and Phishing Sites

  • Blocks Unknown Zero-Day Site Threats with Realtime DNS Inspection

  • Manage Allowed Record Type via Policy

Application Filter

Control application access on your network to manage bandwidth and user behavior.

  • Manage 12 application categories

  • Filter bandwidth heavy apps

  • Control gaming and social media access

  • Block P2P (Peer-to-Peer)

Force Safe Search

Protect users from inappropriate content within search engine web, image, and video results.

  • One Click Network Wide Safe Search

  • Google Safe Mode

  • Bing Safe Mode

  • Autoblock All Non-Safe Search Engines

YouTube Safe Mode

Take advantage of YouTube content controls supporting all protected modes.

  • One Click Network Wide Restrictions

  • Strict Content Mode

  • Moderate Content Mode

  • Google G Suite Supported

Ad Blocker

Reduce the risk and annoyance of web based advertisements.

  • Prevent Inappropriate Content Within Ads

  • Protection Against Hidden Ad Based Malware

  • Improve Page Load Speeds With Less Clutter

  • Blocks Most Ad Networks

Cloud Based

Resilient cloud based service is easy to setup and powerful in scale.

  • No Hardware to Buy

  • No Software to Install

  • Incredibly Easy to Deploy

  • Daily Blacklist Updates

  • Low Latency from 10 Global Data Centers


Get access to real-time logs with full export capabilities to better track activity by location and network.

  • Detailed Activity Logs by Campus/Network

  • Rich and Detailed Dashboard

  • Realtime Data Avaialablity

  • Full Log Export

Custom Lists

Manage your own private list availability.

  • Manage Global Allow/Block

  • Create Custom Whitelist Entries

  • Create Custom Blacklist Entries

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