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With more churches going online the need for simple, powerful, and affordable content filtering/internet protection for church networks is growing. We are often asked for the best solutions, but everything we find from existing vendors just doesn’t fit the needs of churches today for one reason or another. In looking to build our own solution we looked to the following:

It Must Be Simple:

First, not every church has the luxury of an available high skilled network resource. Even with those that do, such staff is usually loaded down with more varying project scopes than in the typical enterprise environment. Setting up and managing online content filters through traditional firewalls can be time consuming and getting the best features to function effectively, (safe search over HTTPS, YouTube restricted mode, and more) require additional configurations and more powerful hardware. We wanted to build a system that would allow one click configuration for many of these popular features so that staff can spend their time on other pressing tasks.

It Must Be Powerful:

Today’s internet brings an ever evolving threat matrix into our local networks. The increased targeting of malware, ransomware, and other botnet type attacks upon enterprise networks has not spared churches or educational institutions. In addition, as churches there exists additional responsibilities to protect our members and staff from not just wrong doing, but the very appearance of wrong doing whenever possible.  We built ChurchDNS using one of the most powerful real-time capable content categorization networks/engines available with over 22 Billion categorized URLs offering one click setup for forced Safe Search Engines and YouTube restricted modes. In addition, we allow over 60 categories of content filtering and application control. And while it is impossible to categorize the entire internet, our Real-Time categorization feature temporarily blocks a site until its content can be determined by a machine learning algorithm.

It Must Be Affordable:

Church network traffic usage is unique and much more like an event center than a traditional enterprise. For a church with fixed daily staff members, total network users can climb 10-30X during any given church service. This heavy increase in users means that for traditional hardware based content filtering, a much larger appliance is needed to support less than 10% of network time. Other software and DNS filtering solutions require churches to license every single seat meaning a heavy increase in cost. ChurchDNS subscriptions operate with a low monthly cost based on the number of campuses with unlimited devices, users, and queries at no additional cost.

The Cloud Advantage:

Being a cloud based DNS filter means we are able to support a near endless scale of traffic demand while dramatically reducing network latency compared to on premise filtering solutions. We are using high performance DNS Resolvers in 8 US data centers rolling out BGP anycast for maximum availability and ensuring the lowest latency for church campuses across the country. ChurchDNS is not an OEM solution and is built 100% from the ground up using a team of 6 amazing developers.

 Give us a try:

If you operate a church, school, university, or other non-profit, we invite you to try us out to help us launch a better safer internet for organizations across the nation.

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